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SEO Expert in Nepal - Praphulla Hada

Praphulla has been working as an SEO expert in Nepal and providing SEO services by optimizing websites in terms of users and different search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. for the last 4 years for optimum results. He has worked with multiple digital marketing companies to gain insights into the different strategies and approaches of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In addition, he has helped different companies to promote their brands and grow their traffic organically on Search Engines at cost-effective prices. 

"As an SEO Expert, I do not intend to rank for the search engines only, 
but my strategy includes the growth of organic users through
proper keyword research, great content, quality backlinks, and sound technical optimizations
of a webpage and a website as a whole."

Nepal is a nation in Asia’s south with around 56,827 square miles (147,181 sq km). Estimated population in 2022: 30,752,000. Kathmandu is the capital. The majority of the population are Nepalese with Indo-European origin; a sizeable minority are Tibetan-Nepalese. Official languages include Nepali and English among others. Major Religions include Hinduism, as well as Buddhism and Islam. Nepalese rupees (Nrs) is the currency. Some of the world’s worst mountainous terrain can be found in Nepal. Central and northern regions of the region are home to the Great Himalayas, which include Mount Everest. It is one of the developing nations in the world that is least developed as a result of its, political instability, protracted geographic and self-imposed isolation. Agriculture, notably cattle husbandry, is the main sector of its market economy; tourism also plays a significant role. Early Buddhist influence helped shape the region’s development, and dynasty dominance began in the 4th century CE.

In 1769, Nepal became a unified kingdom, and from the 18th through the 19th century, it engaged in border conflicts. In 1923, Britain formally recognized its independence. From 1959 to the beginning of the twenty-first century, Nepal was a constitutional monarchy. A democratically elected parliamentary administration was accepted under a new constitution that was adopted in 1990, which limited royal authority. Nepal and India concluded trade agreements in 1997. After the sad incident of Jestha 19, the political situation changed in Nepal. The monarchy was overthrown after a landmark decision by a constituent assembly in 2008, and Nepal became a multiparty republic with an interim legislature. Now, the head of state is the president, while the head of the government is the prime minister.

What Others Have To Say About Praphulla

Soulless RexSoulless Rex
15:42 18 Jun 22
i needed SEO expertise to grow my business locally, And he helped me in doing so. A great person to work with.
Ashish ManandharAshish Manandhar
14:20 18 Jun 22
As being a SEO practitioner myself, I can vouch for Praphulla. He is a top SEO Expert in Nepal. He can get your business the highest ROI with his skills.
pralesh shresthapralesh shrestha
06:46 18 Jun 22
Praphulla helped developing a website for my previous office. He developed the website with best SEO standard. His SEO expertise is great. Had a great time working with him.
saru shresthasaru shrestha
06:24 18 Jun 22
On one of the projects, I was working as a UI/UX designer and Praphulla was working as an SEO consultant. He collaboratively worked with the team and made sure the website was great in terms of all aspects of SEO for the users as well as the search engine bots. He gave his expert insights regarding SEO for other projects too which showed his true dedication towards his work.
Rabi Birbal - iambeastRabi Birbal - iambeast
17:43 17 Jun 22
One of the best SEO expert in Nepal
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Praphulla's SEO Strategy

infographics of seo strategy
SEO Strategy Infographics by Praphulla Hada, SEO Expert

Here is my strategy as an SEO expert to rank your website on different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

For a proper SEO strategy, I mainly focus on:

I perform different analyses and audits (technical, on-page, and off-page) and provide necessary recommendations. 

Contact me to analyze and optimize your web pages for optimum organic traffic growth through SEO.

If you’re unsure about different terms of SEO analyses and audits. Here are some details for SEO audits that you would like to know:

Thorough Competitors’ Analysis:

This includes a thorough competitors’ analysis from the industry related websites and web pages. The indexed pages on Google tell a lot about a competitor’s grasp on the SERP, including Local Map Pack (Local SEO). So, a thorough analysis will lead to further important competitors by which we could reverse engineer and develop growing organic marketing strategies that are already loved by the search engines.

Thorough Search Engine Result Page (SERP) Analysis:

I perform SERP analysis as a second step to my SEO strategy, which is different from competitors’ analysis. While analyzing SERP, I check the keyword overlapping. This means I check whether two keywords are ranking for a similar term, avoiding keyword cannibalization from the start. There are many instances where keyword cannibalization dilutes the ranking for similar terms decreasing the keyword’s potential and losing potential customers.

Proper Keyword and Intent Research:

Keyword research is the most vital part, in my opinion, when developing an effective SEO strategy. It is so because everything revolves around keywords. If my SEO strategy were a solar system, the keyword would be the sun, and other SEO terms will be planets, where the LSI term would be Pluto.

Also, simultaneously while performing keyword research, I determine the intent behind the keyword. This way, I can focus on the important keywords for your business and satisfy the users’ or searcher’s query effectively.

Proper Technical SEO Audit:

Let’s be honest, unless the website/webpage can be indexed, it cannot and will not rank on search engines. No matter how great the content is, first comes the indexing. So, in a proper technical SEO audit, I analyze different aspects of technical SEO and make sure the webpage is crawlable and indexable by different search engine bots. 

In my technical SEO audit, I include the analysis of HTTPS, Robots.txt, Sitemap.XML, URL structure, overall site structure, meta robots tags, and many more. 

I’ve already shared some of my insights on basic technical things for your new website. You can check it out and perform some technical SEO optimizations by yourself.

Proper Content Gap Analysis for Content Marketing:

The content gap is the fifth thing I focus on to develop my SEO strategy as an SEO expert. After determining the keywords and intent, I cluster them and categorize them as similar terms. But, since it’s not enough, the content gap analysis helps in marketing your content in bulk. 

We can easily find the Keyword Gap or Content Gap from SEO audit tools like Ahrefs or SEMRUSH. Personally, I use Ahrefs for the content gap analysis. Content Gap analysis gives us content that we are not ranked for, but our competitors are ranking. This way, we can easily fulfil the content gap from our competitors.

Proper Backlink Analysis:

Many SEOs and SEO consultants believe backlinks are unimportant or less relevant for ranking. However, I do not believe so. As our SEO industry is famous for the phrase, ‘It Depends’, I truly believe it depends if a backlink is relevant. Depending on your business niche, backlinks play a crucial role. So, within my backlink analysis strategy, I perform proper backlink analysis through Ahrefs and easily find the backlink gaps you can cover. I perform link building on authoritative sites to make your business legitimate. This way your webpage/website gets authority on your niche in the eyes of the search engines.

Structured SEO Analysis and Recommendation (Schema Data):

As my focus is on Technical SEO, I provide a comprehensive, structured data analysis and recommendation based on a thorough competitors’ analysis. If you are less familiar or not familiar with the term schema or structured data, I have written a blog about it. You can check the blog What is Structured Data (Schema) and How Structured Data Helps in SEO?

I prepare an advance schema (JSON-LD) for your webpage that will make sure your webpage gets an extra dose of boost in ranking compared to your competitors.

Why should you hire Praphulla as your SEO Expert?

I can describe a few of my specializations to hire me for your website because there are many brilliant SEO Specialists in the business. Here are some of the highlights of my professional career.

  1. Data Driven SEO based on actual keyword tracking and heatmaps
  2. 100% transparency of the work any time and any day
  3. Use of best industry tools for research, auditing, analysis, and reporting
  4. Prompt response to your queries
  5. Knowledge of multiple niches and ranking tactics
  6. Identify opportunities to improve your website‘s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  7. Create content that is optimized for search engines and your target audience.

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Mentioned above are some of the SEO strategies that I use as an SEO Expert in Nepal to rank my client’s pages on different search engines. 

Other than these, there are other strategies involving Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), Image/Infographics Marketing, Maps Marketing, etc., that I can perform to rank your pages and grow your organic traffic.

You can contact me by filling out Praphulla Hada’s Contact form.

If you have any questions related to Search Engine Optimization in general, below are my social (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) profiles so we can connect and discuss your queries.